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Bill Berlinghoff

House Concerts – Why & How

How to Organize a Successful Event

Setting: Choose a medium-large room in your home, where  at least 20 - 30 people can be seated, perhaps a bit tightly.  You may need to rearrange the furniture and/or borrow some folding chairs.

Who to invite?  Decide whom you would be willing to have in your home. This may be only your friends and acquaintances, or it can include Bill’s mailing list, or even the general public.  It is wise to ask people planning to attend to let you know beforehand, just to be sure that you have enough room for them.

Cost: It is customary to ask for a donation, usually $10 - $15 per person.  Bill would get 90% of the money collected; the remaining 10% is for refreshments and other hosting costs.

Publicity: You can do as little or as much publicity as you’d like, depending on your invitation preferences.  Pictures and background material about Bill can be copied from this website.  Your event will also be posted on the website, unless you choose otherwise.

Sound equipment:  Some rooms need none; others might need a little.  Bill travels with a small sound system to enhance the acoustic performance, if needed. The only requirement is a  3-prong electrical outlet.

Refreshments:  Usually the host provides cookies and/or brownies, and coffee, tea, and some soft drink (lemonade, water, etc.) .  Sometimes the host will ask other people to bring things, but that is by no means necessary.

If you’re thinking about hosting a house concert, email bberlin614@gmail.com to see when Bill might be available or just to explore the idea further.  He and his wife (Phyllis) tend to stay in New England during the summer months, but later in the year they travel in their motor home quite a bit, joining Habitat for Humanity builds, visiting friends, and the like.  You might give them a reason to head in your direction!

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When you host a House Concert, you support a favorite musician by providing an intimate performance setting to be shared with your friends, neighbors, and fellow music lovers!   

A House Concert by Bill normally consists of two 45-minute sets with a 15-to-20-minute break in between. You and your guests will be able to interact with Bill before and after the show and during the break.