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acoustic music in the Pete Seeger tradition

Bill Berlinghoff

Bill’s Song Lyrics

Lend A Hand!
© 2017 Bill Berlinghoff

As kids we learn to sing the songs of how our country’s great,

With spacious skies and amber waves of grain;

But growing up we see a land of greed and fear and hate,

With leaders blind to other people’s pain.

The cynics call our childhood visions myth and fantasy,

This country never was like that, they say;

But myths like these illuminate the country that could be,

A place to build a little more each day.

A country is its people, ev’ry race and ev’ry creed;

If we care about our country, we’ll attend to what they need;

We are all in this together, us and them and you and me,      

So lend a hand to keep our country free!

Our land will not be free unless its citizens are brave

Enough to make a home for those in need;

The flaming torch of liberty’s a dream we need to save --

A symbol of our freedom, not our greed.

So choose as leaders those who share the childlike dreams of hope

And not of money for the wealthy few;

Support them when they fight for those who struggle just to cope,

And fight them if they turn their backs on you.

A country is its people, . . .

The Hand of Someone Wiser
© 1984 Bill Berlinghoff

There are some who say we lead a random life,

Chance and Lady Luck are all that mark the way,

But the stars and seas and spiders say there's order in this world
And the rising sun reminds me every day, that

  The hand of Someone wiser guides the path I choose to take,

  The eyes of Someone see far down the road,

  The mind of Someone keener maps the journey of my life,

  The heart of Someone loves me as I go.

There are days when living hides the way ahead,

When this worried, working world is all I see;

I pretend that there's no question 'cause the answer isn't clear,

And that blindness is the same as being free, but

The hand of Someone wiser . . .

Is it rhyme or reason makes me what I am?

Do I need to know to love to live today?

Can the puzzle be the answer and the seeker be the goal?

Can't I just take little steps along the way, as

The hand of Someone wiser . . .

© 2018-19 Bill Berlinghoff

Get a Cat!
© 2018 Bill Berlinghoff

When no one seems to listen, when no one seems to care,
Find a feline, take it home, put it in your fav’rite chair;
Tell it all your woes and wishes, ev’rything that’s going wrong;
It will hear in solemn silence, maybe even purr along.

      Get a cat for friendship, tell it what you’re thinking of;
      Get a kitten just for fun, get a cat for love.

It will be a good companion, listening in its own way;
Maybe even understanding some of what you have to say.
Curling up in calm contentment, it will bring you peace of mind;
Scratch its chin or comb its fur and leave your petty cares behind.

      Get a cat …

If you train a dog to sit or fetch you stuff, it will obey;
But a cat may just ignore you, groom its tail, and walk away.
Don’t suppose it doesn’t like you, just because it won’t behave;
Give it room and it will find you; it’s a buddy, not a slave.

      Get a cat …

Cats were gods in ancient Egypt, running wild along the Nile;
Guarding grain from roaming rats and munching mice in regal style.
Living now with their descendants, it may seem like they don’t care;
Just allow for independence – when it matters, they’ll be there.

      Get a cat …

Old Love
© 2019 Bill Berlinghoff

     Love me now, as long ago, when we were fresh and young,
     When summer flowers filled the air and hopeful songs were sung;
     Love me as you did before, and let me give you mine,
     Carried gently through the years and still undimmed by time.

He lost her forty years ago, she slipped away one morning;
The fire of his early life was gone without a warning;
The healing years just dried the tears, but not the ache inside,
Locked away until the day it would no longer hide.

     Love me now, as long ago, ….

He’s found her now, not far away, as such things sometimes happen
Not totally by chance, but maybe part of some grand pattern;
Unsure at first, he finds a warm and welcoming reply,
More precious for the vanished years, a star in winter sky.

     Love me now, as long ago, ….